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Boost Your IT Career With Microsoft SharePoint Server Certifications.

Many organizations are trying to come up with technologies that can help them manage their large databases used to store vital company information. This can be achieved by use of servers such a as the SharePoint Server. Individuals who acquire SharePoint Server Certifications are eligible for employment in these companies. They are employed to manage the server, update information, create and operate web portals, incorporate business applications and oversee the operation of collaborative solutions.

Before signing up for various certification tests, one must have a good understanding of SharePoint servers and how they operate. This usually requires formal education in some form – whether done through Microsoft approved internet courses or in a classroom setting. Getting these certifications is necessary for anyone planning to enter a career that involves using, maintaining or fixing Microsoft SharePoint products. There are a few versions that are currently in use and supported through Microsoft, but 2010 is the most current variation. With the proper training and SharePoint Administrator or SharePoint Developer 2010 certification, one can easily: improve collaborations with the 2010 office suite, reduce marketing costs through platform consolidation, offer better management of SharePoint with the new diverse tools, keep updated data visualization score cards and apply automated and secure business solutions.

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The certifications are broadly divided into two. Basic types are tailored for administrators. The rest are directed towards developers who want to further their IT Careers. The application development certificate equips one with knowledge on how to make applications for this platform. It is for students willing to learn about working with SharePoint server platform dependent applications and how to incorporate them into the business world. On the other hand, the configuration course seeks to build on the knowledge gained in the administrator classes. It enhances skills in deploying and configuring the servers.

There are different levels that can be equated to undergraduate degrees all the way to doctorate degrees – depending on how advanced you want your job position to be in this career. The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Certification is a validation of ones knowledge and skills in working in a SharePoint 2010 server environment. One of either the developer or IT professional exam must be passed for qualification. On the next level are Microsoft Professional Certifications. They seek to demonstrate ones expertise in applying relevant knowledge in the job sector. Candidates usually have already acquired the MCTSC and have used these technologies for at least three years. Courses and certifications are then further divided into MCPD and MCITP.

The Microsoft Certified Master program differentiates IT workers as technical experts. It helps one become better in their field. This program is taken by those wanting to enhance, validate and progress their careers to the next level. Attaining this level improves marketability and many job opportunities open up. It is carried out in various phases. The first three weeks are compulsory practical sessions supervised by experts. In the end candidates increase their practical knowledge, technical skills, communication skills and gain professional stamina. For eligibility applicants must have attained all prior certificates, possess hands on experience on server programs, have a deep understanding of related SharePoint products and features, be fluent in English and finally have added knowledge on ASP.NET, internet services and other crucial technologies.

The very highest achievement possible through Microsoft is the Certified Architect Program. Having the MCA certification shows that one has gained an expert status that is recognizable all over the world. It is the peak of Microsoft professional certifications. It equips successful candidates with the ability to design large scale solutions by applying Microsoft technologies. MCAs are usually attained by people who have over 10 years of experience in an advanced in the IT position who want to be seen as authoritative experts in their field.

To gain entry level and lower level IT certifications, students will need various learning resources to aid them in their studies. When building on an IT career, these resources will still be necessary, but more hands on experience in the field will also play an important role. Online training resources have proven beneficial to many students, especially when combined with video tutorials. There are also many Microsoft bootcamps to help individuals prepare for exams, whether they are looking for MCITP, MCSA, or MCPD certifications. Lastly the official Microsoft website lists all available certifications and provides descriptions of each if you are looking to advance your career but aren’t sure what test is most relevant to your situation.

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